Looking to host a fundraising event?

*You must have a minimum of 50 people to host a fundraiser*


Minimum deposit of $300 is required however, could increase depending on the anticipated size of your group.


50-100 ppl $20 per Person +4 free volunteer admissions

(*NO Fridays or Saturdays*)


100+ ppl $25 per ticket +8 free volunteer admissions

(*Friday and Saturdays ending before 6pm are permitted*)


We will happily donate a $250 gift card on the day of your event, to your non-profit raffle, with the appropriate form. 


  • You must handle all ticket sales to your event. Along with someone from our team, you will need to appoint someone to check in your pre-paid guests. All guests must sign an online waiver, even if not throwing axes.

  • You are responsible for obtaining your own food and beverage donations from anyone of your choosing.

  • A final head count will be calculated and the balance will be due at the conclusion of your event unless a pre-determined amount was previously agreed to.




                You have 100 Guests

                You get beer/wine/or drinks and food donated

                You charge $50 a Ticket

                We Donate $250 to your auction or raffle. Your event raises $3000.00                 Plus what you make on silent auctions. 50/50 raffles are permitted.


Alternative option:

We can host a "donation day" where a portion of sales will be donated to your cause, from guests who book on that specific day and mention your group or use a personalized code at online checkout.

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